The Perfect Product Launch Launch

Launching your product is similar to developing your product. It requires putting forth your best efforts in hopes of succeeding. As you launch your product you will be determining whether consumers will buy it or not. It is extremely important to make your consumers aware of your products qualities and integrity. Launching your product bridges the gap between prospects and your product. There are a few rules you can apply to successfully bridge that gap. When followed properly, these rules will result in a bigger bottom line.

o Understand and meet your client’s expectations. To do this you will need to reach out to them through email surveys requesting feedback on their expectations of your product. If you understand what they need or want and apply that to your product then your launch will be successful because your customers will purchase the product they requested.

o If your product was already developed then make as many changes as possible in order to meet your customer’s requests without jeopardizing your launch. Making changes so close to launching can be difficult so it is best to request feedback and send out surveys well in advance of your launch so you can adjust production and timing of your release.

o Make a pre-launch product announcement to advise your customers of a new release. Provide enough information to entice them. If they know a new product is coming soon they will get excited and be more apt to purchase your next release.

o Make sure you launch your product on the date you specified.

Professors – Launch Your College Course Effectively – Introduce Yourself to Students

Just walking into class on the first day and mumbling, “I’m Dr. Smithereens,” and then just launching into whatever that day’s lecture is (or bringing up your opening PowerPoint) or doing anything else that doesn’t start to build interaction and rapport with students is going to cause a collective ‘oh, great, not this,’ from your students. Just be introducing yourself effectively to students on day 1 sets you apart from (way too) many other professors. Students will think, ‘hmmm, this could be OK,” which may be as excited as they are willing to get until you’ve proven yourself even further.Consider this: Students register for particular class sections for either (or both) of two primary reasons: the convenience of its time slot, and the reputation of the professor. Said another way, consumer-oriented students care most about fitting the class into their already busy schedules, and having their needs met by a reliable professor. While greeting the students as they enter the classroom does much to establish the environment, your self-introduction is critical either to confirming the expectations students have already formed–or to creating expectations from scratch.Many of today’s students are skeptical toward authority figures, i.e., they question the motives, knowledge and experience levels of those in charge. Some enter your class neither highly motivated toward, nor enthusiastic about, learning, and perhaps intolerant of activities they do not perceive as productive. So your introduction of yourself needs to be sensitive, yet highly focused on the particular course you are teaching. Convey your understanding of their limited time, while also reinforcing your expectations of rigor. You will have many opportunities throughout the term to reveal your broader background, but in your initial introduction you should strive for succinctness, humility, and a bit of enthusiasm (and just a touch of humor if that’s your style).Your introduction should also clarify when and how students can contact you. Your syllabus will provide your office hours, phone and fax numbers, website, and E-mail address, and you need to let students know clearly whether or not your home phone is somewhere that they can call. My recommendation is not to allow or encourage that, however, other professors have found that students do not abuse it. Either way, make your policy clear on that (including off-limits times, etc.)You will also want to let the students know when you will be available to meet with them individually, particularly if your classroom is not located near your office. Regularly reserve fifteen or twenty minutes before and after class for discussions with individual students who either arrive early or who want to hang around after class. Most students will not take advantage of these times, but your providing them conveys that you care about students’ needs.In today’s technological world, most professors have established Web pages for at least one part of their courses. These pages enable students who are not inclined to ask questions in class or to approach professors outside class, to get to know you.In your introduction, avoid saying, “This is the first time I am teaching this course” or “I was only asked to teach this class two days ago.” Although such statements may be true, they serve no useful purpose and will surely hamper your ability to establish a positive classroom environment. Even if you have not had sufficient time to fully develop your syllabus, you should provide an overview of the course and its learning objectives, and then ask the students for feedback about their expectations. No later than the next class meeting, perhaps via e-mail before then, provide the class with a complete syllabus that includes a schedule of activities. If you do this confidently, students will feel that they had input into the planning of the class and perhaps will be more invested in its success.

Presenting Your MLM or Network Marketing Business Online

The ability to correctly present your MLM or network marketing opportunity online is extremely important to your overall success. The benefits of the internet has been well documented, and the point has been beaten to death. The internet offers a worldwide audience in which you can make a substantial amount of money regardless of the product you are promoting. The internet also offers cost effective advertising, and a 24 hour sales force if you leverage correctly. The bottom line is, the internet offers some really amazing benefits for the home based business owner. The downside of the entire scenario, is the fact that many people don’t fully understand how to get the most out of their business by promoting online.

MLMs, or multi-level marketing companies seem to have the hardest time adapting to the internet scenario. These companies offers the unique ability to leverage off of the efforts of others, and build a true cash sucking machine, but very few people make money promoting these opportunities online. This is because they don’t understand how to properly utilize the internet to make money for them.

Presenting an MLM or Network marketing company online requires two things:

1. Targeted Business Traffic

2. Informational packed site which captures leads.

In order to have any success on the internet you need to provide the content that the internet feeds off of: Information. If you are able to plug information into the internet which identifies your business or opportunity, and you are able to put this information in front of a massive audience, you will see results. Many online marketers do this by writing articles, submitting to ezines, writing blogs etc. All these things are informational rich promotional ideas that will get your business indexed in the major search engines and will bring quality web traffic to your business and opportunity.

Blogging has been a great way to build traffic, as well as effectively presenting your business or idea. A blog gives you an easily updateable platform for constantly submitting information about your business opportunities or MLMs, and the search engines love these types of sites. As they are indexed like crazy, and are easily approved for secondary income sources like AdSense. By successfully using RSS feeds and blog promotional tools your information can literally be all over the internet practically overnight.

The presentation website itself needs to be content rich to optimize search engine indexing, but at the same time it needs to be able to effectively capture visitor information. This is usually done by including a simple form in your web page to capture lead information. Your blog/webpage needs to effectively deliver a strong message about your business or opportunity, but at the same time it needs to maintain record of those who visit your site so they can be contacted again at a later time with future offers and opportunities.

The secret to promoting your online opportunity lies in being able to put your business in front of as many people as possible, and this is why advertising sources that put your information on as many other sources as possible are ideal. What ends up happening is your maximize your efforts by leveraging off of others promotional abilities. The internet is a great way to promote any product or service, because in the end everything is connected to everything else. Building your business becomes a fine art of connecting the strands of the internet to your opportunity.