High Ticket Products – 5 Ways to Increase High Ticket Marketing With Social Media

The social media with sites like Twitter, Face-book, Digg, and Technorati have created the so called Web 2.0 revolution. With these sites, it is easy to connect with hundreds and thousands of people not only to make friends but also to sell your products. If you are looking to sell high ticket products through the social media route, here are 5 ways in which you can do so.

o Research: If you want to succeed in social media marketing, you need to research first as to where your target audience is. With every network like Face-book and Twitter, you need to discover the groups where you are more likely to find people you want to target. Another way is to discover blogs using sites like Technorati. Follow the conversations on Twitter to discover the latest trends and the most popular discussion topics in your niche.

o Define goals and plans: Before you start to make conversations and develop relationships, it is better to plan in advance what you want to achieve. Define your goals. Define the goals of your audience. Bring your goals in alignment with the goals of your target audience. If you help them achieve their goals, you will achieve your goals automatically. If you are following the principles of attraction marketing, then you need to give more to your audience before you can expect them to give you.

o Use Tools: Get hold of tools which you want to use for your relationship building. Tools like friend adders will help you to target and get hundreds of useful leads for your business. Other tools like auto-responders will help you to remain connected with your list of friends. There are tools which allow you to post messages from Twitter to Face-book which might save you the time in connecting with people on different networks.

o Measure: Social media marketing is difficult to measure since it is based on conversations and relationship building. You cannot measure how you are influencing your perception by writing posts and talking to people. But what you can measure is how many people are coming to your site from these networks. Use tools like Google Analytics which will tell you the percentage of traffic coming to your site from various places on the internet. Other tools like TweetReach and Trackur are also useful.

o Improvise: Get started and improvise your campaign as you move along. Discover new ways of making friends and developing relationships.

Social media is powerful and if are able to leverage this power for your business, you will achieve tremendous success.

Commercial Loans – Take All Aspects In Consideration

As the saying goes, taking a loan is easier than surviving with it. A shrewd businessman is one who borrow but with an eye to repay it as soon as possible. Sometimes, business requirements arise because you get a new business order hat is hard to manage within your own business funds. You obviously cannot afford to lose big business opportunity only because the funds are not there.

These and other similar situations force you to take help of external sources of financing. These sources may be temporary or permanent, depending on the nature of funding. Large body corporate often have huge financial needs, and therefore, they resort to public financing by inviting deposits or going for a ‘rights issue’ meant for the existing shareholders. On the other hand, a new business concern or sole proprietorship undertaking would obviously not be able to take benefit of that sort – neither are these meant for them.

Before applying for commercial loans, first of all decide the type of debt financing that your business firm will be comfortably able to get. If you do not own any property in the name of firm, secured commercial business loans are out of question. You will have to rely on loans that do not require any security. These loans will offer you a limited amount – upto £25,000. The interest rate is likely to be little more than what you can get by pledging some property. The amount of loan that you can qualify for can be increased by involving some property in the loan transaction.

Corporate Video Production: Create a Video That Your Customers Will Actually Watch

Corporate Video Production offers a wide range of benefits for your business. It is an opportunity to grow your brand awareness, reach a wider market, inform the public about a new product, entertain your target audience and also educate. Whatever the purpose of your production, there is no denying that this is the most effective marketing tool today. Video can be affordable and the process can be made easier by using a professional corporate video production company. Most importantly it can be utilized for a variety of purposes.However, all these benefits can only be enjoyed if the quality of the visual is high. This is the reason you need to collaborate with an established service in your city to come up with custom video content.Getting the Most out of a Corporate Video ProductionIn a recent survey published by HubSpot, 51.9% of marketing professionals say video is rated as the type of content with the highest ROI. With the advent of social media which leverages sharing of content, on Instagram, sharing of visual materials has made this the most popular social media network. Truth be told, people love visuals and the largest percentage will share whatever they watch.It is for this reason that you need to create content that your target viewers will actually watch. Of course, there are millions of videos being launched every day but only a small percentage reach the target customer. To ensure your production meets a high threshold, consider the following factors:1. Know Your Audience And Set ObjectivesBefore hitting the record button, take time to assess your target audience. It is only when you know the kind of people you are targeting that you can make something they are inclined to watch. At the same time, you have to review your objectives in order to align them with the audience preferences. In essence, you should come up with visuals that will instantly click with the viewer. This is done by the tone used in the script, creative, positioning as well as what visuals you use to communicate your message.2. Leverage Professional ServicesIf you want to make a video, make sure you make a good one. This is the only way to captivate internet users who are researching everything online. The best idea here is to collaborate with a professional production company in your city. They have the prerequisite expertise and equipment to pull off a high quality commercial or any other type of visual material you have in mind.They will also give you advise on the storyline and help make adjustments where needed. Other factors including lighting, audio, editing and location(s) are also factored in.3. Competitor ResearchBefore commencing on your corporate video production project, take time to assess what your competition is doing. This is the age of information and it is easy to find out what others are doing. It is easier to learn what is already available and identify ways to make it better.4. Be originalEven if you borrow an idea that already exists, give it a touch of authenticity in your production by including your own company’s location, using your customers in testimonials and your staff, brand colors, a clear Call to Action etc.These are just a few of the tactics to ensure your content achieves the target and is well branded.